Official Draft Calendar 2016-2017 Season

Parent Tasks

  • Applebee's fundraisers
  • Pizza Hut fundraiser
  • Cheese sales fundraiser
  • FIRST LED light bulb sales
  • Ford Drive 4-UR Community fundraiser
  • Pit Run crew BBQ fundraiser
  • Holiday season events (Big Brother/Sister, Toys for Tots, etc.)
  • 50/50 fundraiser working with non-profit organizations
  • Other community outreach / media efforts

May – September

Education and Community Outreach:

  • Lego Robotics Summer Camp for middle and elementary students.
  • Volunteer highway cleanup with Masons
  • Canstruction Project for local food banks

Also Various Displays and Presentations, Including:

  • Otsego County Fair
  • New York State Fair
  • 4-H Days in Otsego/Schoharie counties
  • 4th of July demonstration / booth in Nehawa Park
  • Display setup and props for Southside Mall booths
  • Rotary Luncheon
  • Chamber of Commerce luncheon

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