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The site is set up as two structures: Home and Challenges. The "House" icon on each of those pages lists the pages in those structures. Challenges shows a list of years for showing articles about the team, the challenge and activities for that year.

So the site is organized into articles displayed on appropriate pages. When an artice is written, assign it the the "News" topic or the year topic, e.g. "2016".

There is an article topic for each year. Every year a new topic year, a new year wiki page, and a new file gallery under photos will need to be added. That page will need to be added to the structure. Also that year needs to replace the previous year in the "Robokronos in the News" box.

For more information:

See https://doc.tiki.org/Wiki-Syntax+Images
and https://doc.tiki.org/WikiPlugins+and+WikiSyntax

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