We are taking a poll about who can and will want to attend a beginning JAVA programming class designed just for our Robokronos team starting very soon. We also invite the programmers in this group to come and learn JAVA or if you have experience in JAVA to help students with questions outside of class time.


  1. Become literate in basic JAVA as a team
  2. Develop a program of teaching and learning JAVA for the team next year and future years
  3. Be ready to apply programming to Robokronos tasks in August and the fall

Let us know when you are available in the coming weeks and what hours of the day.

Also the imagery team is invited too! You might just find you love it since a lot of you are great with language!

Class will be an intensive during the summer taught by former team member, David Depauw. Up to 15 hours of class time will be offered. There may be two sessions so that those going on vacation can still get the full class.

We are looking to get as many members, mentors and recruits for the team up to speed in JAVA so that we can have a great foundation in programming for our next robot and all the projects to come. In the past we have had a few dedicated students who learned and did the programming but now it is time to take this to the next level!

Think of it as a chance to learn a new language, something really useful, that you will be able to use for the team but also for all kinds of exciting future projects.

So ARE YOU UP FOR the CHALLENGE? It will be a fast paced class and very exciting! You will need your own laptop or one you can use to practice programming. You will need lots of drive and determination.

Colleen Blacklock
JAVA class coordinator
colleenblacklock at verizon.net